about Blush

Blush, by Marisa Veerman, is an expression of the strength and fragility of the female spirit as she tumbles resiliently through the seasons. Fragrant lemon, mint and blueberry float on drooping head, swinging wrist and rising chin, capturing the rawest and softest of moments. Fragile hues of petals and flowing fabrics are adorned with intuitive mark making, needle and thread, to conjure a sense of the familiar and hint at dreamlike memories, otherwise lost. Through the physical act of stitching, Marisa seamlessly paves the way for fusions between contemporary and traditional arts. A discerningly subtle application of warm brushed wax reflects and absorbs the light, changing the tones of the spaces throughout the day, bathing the figures through greens, cyans and caramels. Timeless motion occurs in these spacious solitary abstractions. Marisa Veerman's fine arts practice makes comment on the transient nature of beauty as an all-sensory experience.